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David Coonan’s Journey to Becoming a Community Theatre Innovator

Teen’s put their Spotlight on creativity

Putting the Spotlight on Talent

A Demon Trail Haunts Crossroads Farm



A Thrill of Hope at Christmas

Malverne Community Theatre’s “A Grimm Night” is a gruesome good time

A Ghoulish Good Time

Malverne Community Theatre’s “A Night of Improv” a big success

Malverne Community Theatre to host “A Night of Improv”

$1,000 Raised at Malverne Community Theatre Event

A Round of Drinks and Applause for Theatre

Cocktails and Curtain Calls Will Ring in Malverne Community Theatre’s Second Year

Curtains Up!

Unrehearsed: A Night of Improv – a successful show for a great charity

First Malverne Theatre Show All About Poe

Malverne Community Theatre Casting First Show

Malverne Community Theatre Raises Funds for First Show

Malverne Community Theatre Hosts “Positive” Fundraiser

A Herald Q and A with local artist David Coonan

Revived Malverne Theatre Group Staging Kickoff Event

Malverne Community Theatre to Host Fundraiser at Our Town Grille

Local artist aims to revive Malverne Community Theatre

Local Artist Stages Revival of Theater in Malverne 

Most Interesting People in 2010

“The Odd Couple” Plays for Charity at Maria Regina this Weekend 



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