The First Folio of Shakespeare – six inches from my face


This is a panoramic shot of the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington. I took it about an hour ago. I stopped in, took a somewhat-private tour, and stood 6 inches from one of their 82 original First Folios.
Yes. I saw one in person. And the expression on my face said it all.


“Mr. Will S”

This customized portrait of my favorite playwright was created by one of my favorite collaborators and performers. Mike Pagano is a talented actor, improv comedian, and writer. He is also a visual artist, and he has a huge say over the visuals of his own shows. He’s created drawings like this of many of his heroes – rock stars, comedians, etc. He knows that Mr. Shakespeare is one of my artistic heroes, so he surprised me with this drawing. He has a great style, and takes requests for custom work. Feel free to contact me for info.