A note on leadership

A director is one thing above all else: a leader. When you are a directing a production, you are asking people to give you their most valuable asset – time. It’s your obligation to make sure that YOU have your stuff together. This is especially true if you’re working with adults, but it is just as relevant with any age group.

Be organized, be clear with your expectations, and be assertive (but always respectful). It’s simple – good leadership, happy production, good show. Bad leadership, unhappy production, questionable show. Don’t expect people to blindly follow you – you must earn their respect.

Something I always say: there is no drama in my drama. Your job as the leader is to make sure bickering, unhealthy competitiveness, poisonous arrogance, and overall immaturity stay as far away from your production as possible. These are parasites that, once inside, are very tough to kill. Make it very easy for people to work with you – and on the flip side, find talented people who are easy to work with.